How To Organize Your Walk-In Closet

The walk-in is quickly becoming the most important room in the home. How can you make yours work for you, and wow your friends?

Changing styles, new technology, and the social media are all demanding more from our closet spaces. There is more pressure to dress well, live efficiently, and have every room Instagram worth. I mean, who doesn’t want this!

Walk In Closet from Cottage Life
Photo Courtesy of Cottage Life

The walk-in has even become a pivotal make or break room for buying and selling homes and apartments.

So, how do you beautify your walk-in, and make it work harder for you?


Start with a Spot of Spring Cleaning

If you can hold off on the itch to run out shopping for a moment, it’s easiest to begin with a little triage on what you do have.

In her #1 New York Times bestselling book ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’, author Maria Kondo sparked a movement known as the KonMari method.  This calls for first pulling everything out, and evaluating it. Go over each item from your wardrobe and ask “does this spark joy?”

Unless your clothes, shoes, and accessories do bring you feelings of joy, it’s time to say goodbye. Send them to Goodwill.

Don’t have time to read the book. Check out a KonMari cheat sheet here.

Designing Your New Space

Before getting to recharging with new items, or hanging things up, give some thought to redesigning, or at least optimizing your whole walk-in.

Make it efficient, empowering, beautiful, and a place of joy. Before getting to shelves or hanging rods, think bigger. Colors, lighting, and flooring, can all make a big difference. Colored walls may look great in all those photos on Houzz and HGTV, but they may also work against you when it comes to getting dressed for the day. Try to stay neutral. Let your clothes be the art.

Lighting matters a lot. It makes a big difference when taking quality photos or working with your stylist to determine your colors. Also, too much direct sunlight on your belongings can fade them. Pick a fabulous light fixture and consider darkening shades for any windows.



Photo Courtesy of Decor Pad

Flooring matters too. Choose something looks posh, but makes you comfortable and at ease getting dressed and spares the soles of your shoes. They get enough use outside the house.

Life has changed a lot since most walk-in closets were designed. Today you may want to incorporate charging stations for mobile devices, have space for a tablet sized screen to video chat or share pictures with your stylist, and ensure you have a great internet connection. A larger mirror, mini-

A larger mirror, mini-grooming station, and minibar may all be smart choices as well. Make it a little slice of utopia, where you can take your time getting that flawless, and really enjoy doing it.

When it comes to organizing; use levels, and occupy every inch of vertical space. Drawers, shelves, rods, and storage bins all have their place. You may even want to get creative with a gallery for your accessories so that you get inspired and have that little extra dazzle to show off online.


Refresh Regularly

Try using the KonMari method for sorting through and refreshing your wardrobe every 6 to 12 months. It will help you consistently look fresh and fashionable, and ensure the items you pass on are still somewhat in fashion and appreciated.

If space is limited, use this refresh time to cycle your seasonal clothes as well. Store away what you won’t be using for months, and make room for more exciting finds during your next shopping fun!


Velvet Allure

Long associated with the nobility, velvet still has the power to make you feel like a king or queen. Think classical old-world charm translated for today with subtle separates and dramatic floor-length gowns for reserved and daring style lovers alike. Velvet looks gorgeous worn for day or night and the fabric is featured in looks as diverse as tank tops, blazers, wide-legged pants and evening gowns.

Velvet Allure

A Dreamy Color Palette

Colored velvet is an excellent way to break up your usual black-on-black routine. You’ll love the solid hues of velvet offering up a sophisticated (and never overly bright) palette of colors including gray-tinged pastel pinks, deep emerald greens, enchanting dark royal blues and the richest of reds. Still, velvet in 2017 comes along with an unusual and stunning set of colors too – everything from mint green to modern grays. Available in luxurious textures, they offer elegance, interest and intrigue. Whether you style your wardrobe on your own or look to image consultants for support, layering velvet is a true art. We love to style with unexpected textures including silks, satins and even classic blue jeans.

Velvet Allure

Gorgeous Options at Every Turn

Velvet has a lot more range than you may have realized – appliquéd, printed, embossed, embroidered, pleated, crushed… the list goes on and on. They’re as soft and inviting as your favorite sheets. There are even velvet separates with a lot of stretch to them.

Of course not all velvets are treated equal. We refer to the high quality versions; many cheaper velvets are woven with the sorts of materials you should always avoid including acetate and rayon. They’re the reason for the lower price.

There’s just something about this plush and dense fabric that we can’t get enough of. Familiar yet mysterious, dressed up yet as soft as a hug – velvet stands on its own. Looking for a hard to miss contemporary style? Try a velvet midi or maxi dress or skirt. They offer lots of movement and they make a great optical effect when the light hits the fabric’s sheen. In fact, draped velvet dresses are your best bet for night unless you’d like to make an even bigger entrance with a velvet cape or jacket.

Velvet Allure

Less winning velvet options are being sold right now for the gents, but everyone can enjoy velvet accessories and shoes – mainly boots, booties and pumps for the ladies and loafers and slippers for the guys. It’s a timeless and sharp way to finish a look. Just avoid a dated or costume-y feel by forgetting about wearing velvet from head to toe. It’s all about balance and contrasts – whether that’s velvet next to another fabric or velvet set against your skin. As for styling velvet looks with non-velvet accessories, there are plenty of possibilities. We’re especially fond of shoulder-grazing earrings, mini bags and accents of gold.

Velvet Allure

The Bigger Picture

Two movements are happening in fashion right now – an embrace of the everyday and the nearly ho-hum and a sort of stand against the overly casual clothes our generations have grown so used to. This velvet fixation should come as no surprise, it’s soft and comfortable yet absolutely filled with style. It’s a shift back to a time when clothes were intended to send a message. It says we’re searching for something a little more grown up but our need for comfort is still here.

And if dressing well is truly a form of good manners as Tom Ford once emphasized, you’ll be sure to embody the finest of social graces with a gorgeous selection of velvet. This is an artful fashion moment marked by a look that withstands time.


Does Your Style Match Your Goals for 2017?

What you wear says so much about who you are and where your interests lie. More importantly, it has the power to affect the way you think and the way you subsequently present yourself to the world.

Does Your Style Match Your Goals for 2017?
Source: WhereToGet.It

Communicating Through Style

The power of the first impression is no secret. Image really is everything… at least from a distance. How else can you seem capable, qualified and professional from afar without the assistance of great clothes, handsome grooming and confident body language? It’s your first chance to communicate- the moment you send a message before you’ve had the chance to prove you truly know your stuff. What message do you want to relate before you’ve even had the chance to speak? What does your style represent?

Does Your Style Match Your Goals for 2017?

At the end of the day, style is really an extension of your personal branding – just as much as the ideas you offer, the activities you pursue and your website and business cards. That’s why celebrities, politicians, top executives and others in the public eye are dressed and groomed so strategically. However, you don’t need to be famous to make a statement with style and you can send as bold or as subtle of a message as you’d like.

Dressing for Your Dreams

Have you developed a set of goals for 2017? Take a look in your closet. Is your wardrobe in line with your goals? Don’t wait until you’ve achieved them to upgrade your look. The trick is to dress for what you want today to accelerate the process of achieving your goals. Dressing for what you want arms you with the mindset, confidence and manner of your dreams and it makes your goals feel even closer at hand. It’s a success tip that makes a lot of sense. And while it will give you the boost of courage you need, it will also shift the way in which others perceive you – including colleagues, clients, business partners and potential investors.

Does Your Style Match Your Goals for 2017?

If your professional goals and accompanying style are already aligned, don’t forget to consider your off-duty fashion. It’s equally important to sync style goals with personal aspirations because lifestyle changes call for shifts in dressing. If you plan to be more active this year, you’ll certainly need the clothes for those pursuits. Good-looking, well-fitting, function-focused clothes hold the power to transform your workouts and to motivate you to train… well made pieces hold that much power. You could need clothes to accommodate lifestyle changes as diverse as spending more time in nature, starting a yoga practice and volunteering your time on the weekends. Whatever the occasion, work on making your clothes work for you. In addition to looking great, they should offer ease, comfort and practicality so they won’t steal the show. It’s like the timeless quote from Coco Chanel… “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman” (or man).

The Power of Clothes

What you wear affects your mood, confidence, energy and outlook so your style should accurately reflect who you are and what it is you desire. Your wardrobe should add to your life while speaking to your individual tastes, interests and lifestyle needs. It represents who you are- so wear your best!

Does Your Style Match Your Goals for 2017?

If styling yourself for your dreams seems a daunting task, you’re not alone. Our image consultants can work with you to discuss your needs, lifestyle and future aspirations to find the style that suits you to a tee. Contact us if you’re ready for a style switch. We’ll help you design your life with a fresh new style to get that promotion you’ve been working towards, to give you a boost in your new business or simply to add a sense of energy and renewal to your life.


Out with the Old, in with the New

Have you committed to greeting the new year with style as fresh as your resolutions?

2017 Wardrobe Refresh

Don’t wait until spring for a wardrobe renewal. Now, in this mood of rejuvenation and change, is the perfect time to do away with the old to usher in what’s waiting around the corner. Make it the year you only wear clothes that are true to your style – start 2017 with a proper wardrobe refresh.

What is a Wardrobe Refresh?

A wardrobe refresh is just as it sounds – it’s a carefully considered process of extracting what no longer serves you while adding pieces that speak to your style. It sounds like a daunting task, but have no fear – our Image Consultants can guide and support you the entire way. You’ll also have the opportunity to discuss why you want specific items to stay, what has sentimental value, what you haven’t worn in over six months, style expectations and more.

The wonderful thing about working with an Image Consultant is that we note exactly the elements you liked in your old pieces to include them in your updated wardrobe. For instance, maybe we notice your love for navy blue trousers or cashmere vests. You’ll easily say bye to the ones that need to go when you see us return with your new replacements. So, why toss the old styles at all? We only suggest parting with pieces that have been damaged beyond repair, pieces that no longer fit, outdated styles and the looks you never wear (yes, even that “treasure trove” of unworn looks – hangtags and all).

New Year, New Style

Your wardrobe shouldn’t be a burden. It’s meant to serve you by offering up suitable looks to wear whether that means fashion-forward, weather-appropriate, occasion-appropriate, comfortable… Anytime you reach for an item, you should already know that it suits your body and personal tastes, it’s modern (vintage looks aside) and it’s in good condition.

While you definitely want more of the looks you love, the wardrobe refresh extends even farther. We’ll assess your wardrobe to fill in the missing pieces – white button-down shirts, heels for a night on the town, a sleek and practical briefcase, a healthy selection of ties. Depending on your personal style, this may also include the addition of statement pieces so you can really make an impact with items such as look-at-me accessories, outerwear with bold prints and more.

There’s Much To Be Gained

Tell us what you want and we’ll tell you what you need. Combined, your thoughts and our vision will produce your most exciting wardrobe yet. And it’s completely okay if you don’t know what you want. Knowing what you don’t want is still a huge step in discovering styles that will work for you. Not ready for a new look? Opt for updated versions of your favorite go-to styles for a look that’s still undeniably “you”. You’ll feel as if you haven’t changed a thing and yet your look will appear undoubtedly renewed. It’s definitely an inspiring way to start your new journey!

Out with the Old, in with the New

Don’t settle, let go of the pieces you no longer love. Your wardrobe refresh truly will make a difference. You’ll enjoy increased closet space for all of your new looks and that feeling of lightness that comes with tossing unused objects that can mentally weigh you down. What’s more, your old wardrobe will bring new energy in its new life for someone else in the form of donated goods or material that can be repurposed to create something new.

Embark on your New Year’s mission with a look that you love, renewed energy and a serious boost to your confidence.

A proper start to a year of new beginnings, indeed.


Making The Case For The Man Bag

Let’s talk about bags. For male or female, they are a necessary item in any wardrobe. They are practical (because not everything can be stuffed into your back pocket) and stylish. And we do mean stylish. While men’s bags are not as varied as the collections rolled out for women every season, there’s a variety of designs for “the man bag” and the market is still growing. Guys, you would be surprised to know just how many options you’ve got.


Let’s start with a classic. Traditionally used to carry things to and from work, this boxy bag holds enough structure and is big enough to hold all your business needs—everything from a laptop, to files and books. There are also extra compartments to organize and keep your other, smaller essentials.

Some modern briefcases also come with a shoulder strap, and designs have expanded to briefcases with rounded edges instead of the regular, boxy ones. Briefcases come in more materials now, too. Different ones suit different situations. Leather would do for a more formal occasion like a business meeting, while briefcases made in fabric suit something more causal, like doing work in a coffee shop.


Men's bags - fjallraven
FJallRaven Greenland briefcase, Lord and Taylor
Men's bags - duffel
Pebbled briefcase for men, Mango


Folios for men are, in a sense, a minimalist bag. It’s a slim type of pouch that is used for holding smaller essentials—perhaps a mini tablet, a  wallet, a pair of sunglasses, an iPod, etc. Anything bulkier and you lose the sleek appeal of this bag. It is a stylish men’s accessory for toting around only the bare minimum.

Men's bags - folio
Leather Document Pouch Folio for Men, Paul Smith

Messenger bag

Messenger bags, or courier bags, are designed to be slung across one shoulder and carry lighter loads, like folders or a tablet, although some sturdier messenger bags can carry heavier equipment like a laptop. As it is just a one-shoulder bag, you don’t want to load it down with too much stuff. It wouldn’t be very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, especially if the bag is stuffed with heavy equipment.

Most messenger bags are made from a fabric (like canvas or cotton), or leather. Messenger bags give off a casual vibe, and are best for men on the go.

Men's bags - a. kurtz
A. Kurtz cotton messenger bag for men, Nordstrom


Men's bags - Fossil
Defender messenger top-handle bag for men, Fossil

Duffel bag

The duffel bag is a traveler’s best friend. It’s best for light packers, like men who are off on a quick destination holiday or just going to the gym. You’ll notice that the duffel bag has a wider structure than other boxy bags for men, but is almost always lugged around handbag-style. It definitely lends a polished look to your outfit.

Men's bags - ted baker
Ted Baker “Shalala” leather duffel bag for men, Nordstrom
Men's bags - duffel 2
Timberland “Madison” duffel bag for men, Nordstrom

Tote bag

The men’s tote bag can be very similar to the women’s version—perhaps because it is designed to be both a handbag and a shoulder bag in one. Tote bags have two handles, much like a briefcase, but they’re longer and wider so you can sling them over one shoulder. The features that make it a great men’s bag though is that its large compartment can house supplies much like a briefcase. It’s definitely not for your gym kit, but tote bags for men can carry big equipment like cameras, lenses, rolled up casual shirts, and lunch. It can also have smaller compartments and pockets to keep other items organized.

Men's bags - tote
Tote bag for men, Filson


Everybody know the backpack – It’s probably the most popular type of bag on the list. The term backpack actually branches out to many sub-types, like a knapsack, book bags, and hiking backpacks. But the common feature is always a bag that is attached to the body by two straps slung across the shoulders, leaving your hands free. Backpacks are typically heavy-duty, and the styles are limitless—even for men. The designs also constantly evolving to be functional, so that the backpack can cater to different lifestyles.

Men's bags - Filson
Weatherproof Journeyman backpack, Filson
Men's bags - retreat
Retreat plaid black backpack, Herschel Supply Co.

Sling bag

Like the backpack, the sling bag rests on the back of the wearer, but there’s an adjustable strap worn across the body. It’s light, easy, and fuss-free, which makes it ideal for guys on the go or on a bike, too. It holds less than a messenger bag, but it also has a number of small compartments for organization. Sling bags for men can be made from leather or other fabrics like canvas.

Men's bags - travelon
Tavelon anti-theft classic light sling bag, Travelon


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The Work Capsule Wardrobe: What Is It and 3 Reasons Why You Should Have One

Imagine a typical week day. You wake up bright and early in the morning, eat breakfast, take a shower, and start dressing for work. You try on this or that outfit; change this top for that blouse, this blue skirt for the grey pants, and before you know it you’re already running late. Of all the things you have to do every morning, worrying about finding the perfect outfit for work shouldn’t have to be one of them.

This is a big reason why having a work capsule wardrobe is gaining popularity with women everywhere. Not only is it an effective solution for saving time in the mornings, it is also cost-efficient and practical in the long run. More and more women are making the switch to having work capsule wardrobes and are happier for it. So, if you want to take the stress out of your morning routine, then this is the perfect solution for your wardrobe woes.

What is a work capsule wardrobe?

Breaking it down, a capsule wardrobe is a small wardrobe made up of limited clothing pieces that you can mix and match to come up with numerous outfit ideas. A work capsule wardrobe is a collection of pieces you can put together to come up with stylish looks that are suitable for your work/office environment.

Typically, a work capsule wardrobe, or business capsule wardrobe as some may call it, consists of 20-40 pieces of clothing including: skirts, pants, shirts, tops, dresses, and coats (shoes, bags, and other accessories such as jewelry may or may not be included).  More importantly, these capsule pieces are based on your company’s culture and dress policy (that is, if you have one of those).

So if you’re planning on creating a work wear capsule, make sure to consider culture, dress code, your level of activity, and the intangibles that make or break an outfit for you like comfort, temperature, etc. 

25 piece
Photo Courtesy: HonestlyModern

Why should you have a work capsule wardrobe?

It’s a time saver.

Based on the above scenario, this is a no-brainer. Having a work capsule wardrobe will save you tons of time in the mornings because you already have an idea on what to wear based on a limited number of pieces

After putting together your own work capsule wardrobe, you can come up with a large number of different outfits by mixing and matching different pieces within the capsule. For the average number of 30 capsule pieces, you can easily put together enough outfits to last an entire month. And if you can get more creative, you can stretch it to two or three months, a wardrobe for an entire season!

Repeat outfits are minimized.

Don’t you just hate it when you get rushed during dressing up for work that you just grab whatever your hands reach first then when you get to the office you discover that you’ve worn the exact same thing three days ago?

Planning your work ensembles ahead of time can actually work great for you.  Not only do you breeze through work mornings easily, you can also guarantee that an outfit isn’t repeated enough times that your office mates think you don’t have enough clothes.

Expert Tip: Take snapshots of as many outfits or combinations that you can think of. That way, you can just sort through your photos and plan your outfits week by week. No stress, no hassle, and certainly no more embarrassment at the office.

It’s cost-effective. 

Have you ever experienced impulsively buying a dress during one of your trips to the mall just because of its cute color or style, and after a time find out you’ve worn it only once and it’s been relegated to some forgotten part of your closet, with the other pieces you’ve already forgotten about because you keep wearing your favorite blouse or go-to pants?

Having a work capsule wardrobe will save you money in the long run. Sure, setting up a capsule wardrobe can be pricey at the beginning, but think of all the savings you will eventually have. Having a work capsule wardrobe will minimize your spending on clothes simply because you already have a wardrobe that works well for you. You will find that you don’t need to buy that cute blazer/dress/pants/blouse/coat to wear at the office or because you don’t have anything to wear at all because the ones you have already work well with the other pieces of your capsule and still looks great.

The work capsule wardrobe is a really a minimalist approach. Since all pieces work together, it maximizes outfit options for the least amount of money.

Photo Courtesy: Looking Stylish
Photo Courtesy: Looking Stylish

So how do I start a work capsule wardrobe?

Starting a capsule wardrobe for work wear can be a daunting task when faced with a closet full of clothes, but it doesn’t have to be. A trick to getting started is to empty your closet entirely and separate out your work clothes.

  1. Browse through all your work wear clothes and separate them into four piles: Nope, Seasonal, Love it, and Maybe.

Nope: It doesn’t fit you anymore, it’s outdated, and you know you won’t wear it ever again. Sell it in a garage sale, trade with a friend, or give it away to charity.

Seasonal: These pieces are considered seasonal staples like a wool coat that’s perfect for winter but not for summer. These seasonal staples should be placed in storage and brought out again when making seasonal wardrobe changes.

Love it: These pieces you are in love with and would not part ways with anytime soon. They’re a great fit, chic, and versatile.These are the perfect start to your work capsule wardrobe.

Maybe: These are pieces that you are a bit iffy about – maybe it’s a bit small for you now but would look great once you lost a few pounds, the color is a bit off or maybe its an expensive gift from a loved one – keep these “maybe” pieces in storage for when you change your mind. If the season ends and you still haven’t changed your mind about storing them, it’s time to get rid of them.

  1. So what pieces do you include in a work capsule wardrobe?

Ideally, you should start with neutral/monochromatic basics such as pants, skirts, blouses or blazers that you can later layer on with colored, printed or patterned pieces to come up with chic outfits.

Four is a good base number for each kind of clothing in your capsule. For example, 4 kinds of pants: two pants in monochrome colors (black and grey or khaki), another pair of pants with patterns or prints, and the last pair should ideally be a statement piece (red trouser pants, for example). Do the same with your tops, sweaters, blazers, skirts, dresses, etc. and you should be covered for every work occasion there is.

Accessories such as shoes, bags, and jewelry may or may not be included in your total capsule count. These accessories, if chosen correctly, can complete any outfit to result in chic, office-worthy ensembles.

Here’s a more comprehensive sample of a work capsule wardrobe along with the combination of outfits derived from the capsule to give you inspiration:


week 1 week 3 week 5

Work Capsule Wardrobe by Kristin727

Work on your capsule wardrobe based on your personal style, and as time goes by you can add or subtract items from it to suit your changing needs. Also, it’s not limited to just your work clothes – you can also create other capsule wardrobes for weekends or casual wear for all-around efficiency in your wardrobe department.

What do you think, ladies? Is a work capsule wardrobe something you might seriously consider trying?


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power piece: choose the right jumpsuit for you

The jumpsuit is unquestionably a one-piece wonder. It’s a stylish outfit you can easily slip into when you have no idea what to wear for the day, and still manage to come out looking glamorous and fashionable through the night.

A ’70s and ’80s staple, the jumpsuit was revived in the fall 2010 romper trend. But celebrities and fashion bloggers are wearing jumpsuits well into 2016, thus proving the jumpsuit’s timeless elegance.

It’s easy to admire the jumpsuit. It possesses the same versatility as a black slip dress, and the variety of styles that you can find  today are worthy of a whole wardrobe. But you can do with even just one long jumpsuit in your closet. No need to be intimidated!

We have several tricks and tips to achieve the chic yet effortless look with a jumpsuit, starting off with choosing the right style for your height and body type.

choosing the right cut and length.

Just as there is no one perfect cut for denim jeans, there isn’t one for jumpsuits, either. The variety of jumpsuit styles and cuts dispel the belief that jumpsuits can only be worn by women of a certain size and shape. Just like shoes, black dresses and besties, there’s a jumpsuit to suit everyone.

One rule of thumb is to choose a flattering pant length and cut. Tall women should wear a wider leg or flared pant, since their frame can handle the extra volume.

How to Wear Jumpsuit - Camille
Photo courtesy: Camille Co

For petite women, jumpsuits with a skinny or tapered leg tend to be more flattering—otherwise you may look like you were drowning in your clothes. Women with short legs could also try a high-waisted jumpsuit to create the illusion of longer legs.

How to wear jumpsuit - Little Miss
Photo courtesy: Little Mistress

necklines shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Not all necklines are equal. This is critical when you wear a jumpsuit—the little details  can make or break your look. Just like a dress, jumpsuits come in a variety of necklines, too—everything from a boat neckline, to a plunging v-neck. If you want to draw the eyes up the visage, choose deep necklines that show off the collarbone (and sometimes a bit of cleavage, depending on the depth and the style—like a v-neck).

Pointed necklines also help elongate the face. Contoured necklines, like a sweetheart or a halter, soften the angles of a face and define the bust. High necklines like a turtleneck are great for long necks and faces.

how to wear jumpsuit - sammy
Photo courtesy: Sammy Dress
How to Wear Jumpsuit - Cosmo
Photo courtesy: Cosmopolitan

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t experiment with different necklines. As always, the best thing is to try on the jumpsuit and see if the style works for your frame.

cinch your waist to define your figure.

As a one-piece outfit that runs the whole length of your body, it’s easy to see why jumpsuits can be intimidating: it’s easy to disappear into an overwhelming piece of fabric and lose your shape. The easy answer to this is a cinched waist by way of an elasticized detail or a belt. The good news is that most jumpsuits come with one.

How to wear a jumpsuit - Cosmo 2
Photo courtesy: Cosmopolitan

Instead of a belt, she knotted a sweater around her jumpsuit for an urban spin on the outfit.

think in layers.

While a jumpsuit can be great on its own, it does not always fit your sense of style. So to dress up an already very dressy garment (maximalist, anyone?) style a jumpsuit with layers, either over or under. Throwing on a structured blazer or classic worn-leather jacket is always a good starting point, but consider a fur jacket or a printed one for extra glam or funk.

How to Wear a Jumpsuit - Cosmo 3
Photo courtesy: Cosmopolitan

You can add dimension in an unexpected way, too. A fitted off-the-shoulder top underneath shows off the shoulders and makes for a great, sophisticated look. Even a plain tee underneath the jumpsuit can change the outfit.  Add heels for a sexy, polished finish, or sandals for a touch of cool this summer.

How to Wear Jumpsuit - Instyle2
Photo courtesy: In Style
How to Wear Jumpsuit - In Style
Photo courtesy: In Style
March Inspiration
Photo courtesy: Art Symphony

don the right shoes.

Jumpsuits are commonly worn with heels, but it’s a lot more flexible than that. Appropriate footwear depends on the style of your jumpsuit, the occasion you are wearing it for, and the overall look you want to project with your outfit.

You can wear a streamlined jumpsuit with a structured pair of heels for the office, like pointed-toe pumps. A dressier jumpsuit, like a string jumpsuit or a halter jumpsuit in a luxurious satin fabric, can be worn with sexier stilettos.

An ankle-length jumpsuit can also be worn with stilettos for a tasteful twist—or boots, for something more edgy!

How to Wear Jumpsuit - Instyle 3
Photo courtesy: In Style

If you’re a tall girl wearing a flared style, you might want to try flats or sneakers. Petites can wear the same footwear with more casual jumpsuits, too, granted that the jumpsuit cut is the right one for them. It’s the perfect, most effortless way of dressing for a stroll in the city and still look on point.

How to wear a jumpsuit
Photo courtesy: Pinterest


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the 10 biggest trends to try before the end of summer

Students are heading back inside for classes, but in the city the fog has just burned off and  we are heading into the indian summer. Barbecues, pool parties, and summer concerts are still in full swing, and it’s finally time for us to start experiencing summer in the city. But after all your summer excursions, you might feel you’ve already exhausted your wardrobe for the season. So why not give it a refresher by trying one of these trends that have proved to be popular all summer long?

It’s not too late!

the slip dress.

Probably the biggest trend to hit this season, the slip dress, or “underwear as outerwear,” is effortlessly sexy, yet incredibly chic.

The slip dress fashion trend was first popularized back in the ’90s, and was revived again on the runway of Givenchy, along with other design houses, for the 2016 New York Fashion Week.

If you’re not comfortable wearing a slip dress on its own, a classy alternative is to wear a blazer or cardigan over it. It’s a perfect summer piece that can easily go from day to night.

 Slip dress

Photos from: Pinterest, Bloglovin’, LeCatch


 The off-the-shoulder trend is one of the most popular trends to hit the streets this year. It’s fashionable and sexy; the perfect piece for summer. It shows off the shoulders, (understated compared to last year’s midriff baring trends) but provides a subtle sexiness and sophistication that’s absolutely refreshing to see when compared to other overtly revealing outfits.

     off the shoulder      

Photos from: Outfitshunter, Pinterest, Pinterest

bringing back the choker.

Who didn’t own at least a few of these in the ’90s? Chokers are making a comeback in a big way. The chokers of 2016 have evolved into more sculptured, sophisticated and visually appealing forms to become one of the most popular accessories of the year. The chokers have been trending as festival fashion, and is expected to do so for several more seasons. It’s definitely a great addition to your accessories stash that you can wear all year long.


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all-white chic.

What’s hotter than a minimalistic, all-white ensemble that says class and sophistication all in one glance? Clean lines and tailored, or flowy silhouettes on multiple layers of white pieces will make you feel classy and fancy from head to toe. This monochromatic look is wearable for almost all occasions: the office, a summer party, or even a formal event. Be bold and give it a try.


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love the pleats.

An elegant addition to the 2016 line-up, pleats are back and better than ever. This easy to style trend is avant-garde, and will add instant interest to any boring ensemble. And pairing it with other popular summer styles, like an off-shoulder top,  will make your outfit edgy and stylish. Did you know that pleats are wrinkle free? That alone should be reason enough to add it to your wardrobe.


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crazy for ruffles.

Ruffles and frills are back on the top, decorating hemlines, collars, and adding femininity into any piece. Perfect for every occasion you might encounter this season, ruffles are seen everywhere – from beachwear, casual, corporate, and even evening wear. Add some romance to your ensembles by adding this super feminine trend into your summer closet. 


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Year after year stripes dominate, and it’s easy to see why. This classic, “can’t go wrong” style reigns supreme in the spring and summer because it’s the most versatile. And it’s so easy to style – pair with any solid color and voila! ­– instant style.

Want to up your stripes game? Stripes in a variety different colors are very in this season. Bright colors are perfect for brightening up a dull wardrobe.


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Another item making a comeback is the patchwork trend. Gone are the days when patchwork meant hippie and looking like your grandma. Today, patchwork is all about bohemian chic mixed with fun and modern lines to create stylish pieces that are street worthy.


Photo from: GlamRadar


While you can’t go wrong wearing summer’s go-to classic piece, the sundress, this year presents a more trendy and playful silhouette – the romper. Incredibly comfortable to wear, the romper trend has gotten quite a following over the years, and has reached the top of the sartorial pile when it comes to summer fashion trends. It has evolved from just a casual wear piece. Structured and streamlined playsuits and rompers in sophisticated styles are what’s hot for dressier events, giving you stylish freedom to wear the fun romper from day to night.


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go for gingham.

A trend that comes and goes every few years, the gingham print, is back. While not everyone is in love with this unique pattern, it has gained quite a following this season.

The gingham print has been revamped to look more sophisticated as seen on the ladylike silhouettes, pencil skirts with thigh-high slits, streamlined tailoring on coats, blazers and blouses, and other feminine elements to add that stylish vibe.


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So, which of these summer 2016 are you going to try first?


The ladies of Ensemble

An EPIC Last Minute Gift Guide!

The Holiday Season is such a cheerful time with all the Christmas decorations and the festive atmosphere in our homes and cities.

If you are Marta Stewart 2.0, you have been planning and preparing for Christmas for the last month and have likely already bought gifts for your friends and family. However, if you are too busy (like 90% of us) you are starting to realize that you might need to spend a little time one the next 2 days running around to stores or scoring the web.

In the even that the latter sounds like you, here’s my little gift for you: a cheat sheet if you will A.K.A my selection of last minute gifts!

For him
Picture of the front face of the Apple iWatch 38mm blackThe Apple iWatch. Get it here:

Picture of Maroon Mens John Varvatos Scarf from Bloomingdales

John Varvatos scarf. Get it here: Bloomies
Berluti Brown Single-Zip Leather Briefcase
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Picture of Bar III Men's Carnaby Collection Maroon Gingham Dress Shirt from Macy's

Dress shirt Bar III. Get if here: Macy’s

For her

Picture of Kate Moss Book by Mario Testino

Kate Moss Book by Mario Testino. Get it here: Taschen

Picture of Burberry House Check Animal Print Women's Wallet

Burberry Animal  Print Wallet. Get it here: Bloomies

Picture of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfume

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Picture of Longchamp Le Pilage Neo Large Shoulder Tote Bag in Black
Longchamp’s Le Pliage Shoulder Tote. Get is here: Neimans
For the home

Picture of Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker

Nespresso Inissia Espresso Machine. Get it here: Macy’s

Picture of Joe Malone London Pine & Eucalyptus Home Candle

Jo Malone London Candle. Get it here: Neimans
Picture of Moca Globe Cassini Terrestrial 4.5%22 Globe in Seafoam
Mova Globe in Seafoam. Get it here: Neimans
Picture of Zambia Faux Fur Throw
Faux Fur throw. Get it here: Z Gallerie

I hope I inspired you a little bit for your last minute gifts. However, the most important thing to remember is that it is the thought that counts!

Happy Holidays!



Woman’s Suiting – Make a Statement

Let me introduce myself first, to break the ice!

My name is Lili, I am French and have lived in the United States since 2011. I have been into fashion ever since I can remember and am now proudly a Personal Stylist at Ensemble. My job is to help our clients with their fashion needs and help them build a wardrobe that achieves their style goals.

I love food and wine (I know, what a surprise for a French girl!). I love to travel to new places, and I love to meet new people and talk talk talk for hours!

I hope you will enjoy my posts and please leave a message if anything comes to your mind! I will be happy to respond and talk, talk, talk about it!

The woman’s suit – a fashion statement.

From Coco Chanel who designed her first suit, a fur-trimmed jacket with a matching ankle-length skirt, in 1913 to Ives Saint Laurent who created “Le smoking,” a woman formal tuxedo, in 1966 the suit has become a timeless piece of clothing that every woman should have in her closet.

Picture of Coco Chanel Suit from 1913      Picture of Yves Saint Laurent 'Le Smoking' Suit from 1966
CoCo Chanel Suit 1913                Yves Saint Laurent ‘Le Smoking’ 1966

However, a timeless piece doesn’t mean that it can’t be reinvented.

Fashion allows us to rethink and reinterpret anything, including the woman suit. So let’s have a look at different ways to style this bad boy.

The suit – a cool outfit.

I love a relaxed suit look. It is stylish, yet comfortable and allows you to go through your day gracefully.

To achieve this look, think about a fun pattern or a more edgy cut paired with a tee shirt and a trendy pair of flats (sneakers, sleepers, loafers).

Photo of Peggy Gould of A Feminine Tomboy Me Photographed by Iris Bjork for Bast Magazine Suits at London Fashion Week  Photo of Womens Casual Suiting with Star Wars Tee  Photo of Celine Aagaard wearing a pinstriped suit from Gestuz, shoes from Adidas, sunglasses from Celine

Photos courtesy of A Feminine Tomboy / Fashionability / Just The Design

The suit –  a year-round friend.

Winter fabrics and colors for suits make you so stylish even if you have to put 10 layers on and feel like you are becoming an ice sculpture if you go outside. You can have a fur or a nice long coat on top of your suit. For accessories, you can wear a big warm scarf or a hat.

Photo of Mandana Dayani Fashion Week Winter Suiting

Photo courtesy of The Zoe Report


During summers, you can have a suit with bright fun colors and pair it with cute sandals.

Photo of Leandra Medine of Man Repeller in Fuschia Suiting

Photos courtesy of Fashion Gum

The suit – a wow factor.

Let’s face it, when you have a night out, the little black dress is always a safe bet and you’re sure that you will look good and appropriate. But what about a bolder alternative?

It’s nice to look like you fit in, but why not stand out.

With a black tuxedo, people will look at you for more than a second…sorry if they keep staring. Not sorry, you look great!

Photo of Camilla-Belle-in-white-Tom-Ford-suit               Photo of Angelina Jolie in Women't Tuxedo

Photos courtesy of Rou de Chic / Yahoo

At the end of the day, the perfect suit for you is out there. With tons of different patterns, cuts and styles, there are options for every person and every occasion.

When choosing what’s right for you, remember these three rules:

1. Perfect fitting. If you need to go to a tailor, please go. You will look much more chic with a perfectly fitted suit.

2. OWN IT. Wearing a suit is about having the right attitude as well. You need to feel confident and embrace it. The suit is an inherently empowering piece of clothing. It says “I’m the boss and I mean business”, so act like the world is your oyster.

3. The suit can’t look cheap, otherwise you will look cheap in it. Even when shopping the fast fashion racks, get a quality fabric – that makes the difference.


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