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For basic alterations including a hem on pants or jeans, repairing an item, or shortening a sleeve, this place is wonderful: HB Alterations. For a total redo, working on expensive designer items, or wedding dresses, we love, love, love:  Victoria’s Clothing Redesign of San Francisco For a bit more complicated alteration like taking in a shirt or a pair of pants, we like: Seymour’s Fashions Design Custom Tailor of San Francisco.

We think the best place for a bra fitting is Saks Fifth Avenue or Nordstrom in Downtown San Francisco. Call to make an appointment or just go in. Lulalu.com specializes in lingerie and bras for us women of petite size and stature. The best customer service on earth and you can now order bras from them online.

Laurence McKee is a miracle worker. Contact Laurence

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