The walk-in is quickly becoming the most important room in the home. How can you make yours work for you, and wow your friends?

Changing styles, new technology, and the social media are all demanding more from our closet spaces. There is more pressure to dress well, live efficiently, and have every room Instagram worth. I mean, who doesn’t want this!

The walk-in has even become a pivotal make or break room for buying and selling homes and apartments.

So, how do you beautify your walk-in, and make it work harder for you?


Start with a Spot of Spring Cleaning

If you can hold off on the itch to run out shopping for a moment, it’s easiest to begin with a little triage on what you do have.

In her #1 New York Times bestselling book ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’, author Maria Kondo sparked a movement known as the KonMari method.  This calls for first pulling everything out, and evaluating it. Go over each item from your wardrobe and ask “does this spark joy?”

Unless your clothes, shoes, and accessories do bring you feelings of joy, it’s time to say goodbye. Send them to Goodwill.

Don’t have time to read the book. Check out a KonMari cheat sheet here.

Designing Your New Space

Before getting to recharging with new items, or hanging things up, give some thought to redesigning, or at least optimizing your whole walk-in.

Make it efficient, empowering, beautiful, and a place of joy. Before getting to shelves or hanging rods, think bigger. Colors, lighting, and flooring, can all make a big difference. Colored walls may look great in all those photos on Houzz and HGTV, but they may also work against you when it comes to getting dressed for the day. Try to stay neutral. Let your clothes be the art.

Lighting matters a lot. It makes a big difference when taking quality photos or working with your stylist to determine your colors. Also, too much direct sunlight on your belongings can fade them. Pick a fabulous light fixture and consider darkening shades for any windows.



Flooring matters too. Choose something looks posh, but makes you comfortable and at ease getting dressed and spares the soles of your shoes. They get enough use outside the house.

Life has changed a lot since most walk-in closets were designed. Today you may want to incorporate charging stations for mobile devices, have space for a tablet sized screen to video chat or share pictures with your stylist, and ensure you have a great internet connection. A larger mirror, mini-

A larger mirror, mini-grooming station, and minibar may all be smart choices as well. Make it a little slice of utopia, where you can take your time getting that flawless, and really enjoy doing it.

When it comes to organizing; use levels, and occupy every inch of vertical space. Drawers, shelves, rods, and storage bins all have their place. You may even want to get creative with a gallery for your accessories so that you get inspired and have that little extra dazzle to show off online.


Refresh Regularly

Try using the KonMari method for sorting through and refreshing your wardrobe every 6 to 12 months. It will help you consistently look fresh and fashionable, and ensure the items you pass on are still somewhat in fashion and appreciated.

If space is limited, use this refresh time to cycle your seasonal clothes as well. Store away what you won’t be using for months, and make room for more exciting finds during your next shopping fun!


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