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Rachel Fauman founded Ensemble Personal Image Consulting, or “EPIC,” in 2005 to provide men and women with a life-long understanding of how a well-developed personal image can create a successful and enduring impression. Rachel honed her craft, spending over a decade, creating hundreds of looks for top retailers –from industry giants including Nordstrom and the GAP to beloved specialty stores like San Francisco’s award-winning Ambiance boutique. Rachel specializes in long-term client relationships, helping them develop a personal style and wardrobe over time. She is regarded as an expert at having a client’s personality reflected in their everyday look. Her clients range from creative industry leaders to fortune 500 executives. 

Rachel works with clothing budgets of $5000 and up and provides the EPIC Start Package, the Ultimate Ensemble, the EPIC Overhaul and the Delivery Package

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Aurélie “Lili “ Henry’s primary focus and passion has always been to use fashion as a tool to make those around her feel more confident and radiant in their personal style. Fashion can empower you. Finding your style, trying new types of clothes according to your body type, discovering colors that work for you and your lifestyle, and looking at yourself in the mirror with a fresh image can all be very liberating. Each person has their own unique image and Lili draws out the very best from all of her clients.

French-born, Lili Henry grew up with the idea of “well made, higher quality” in the casual chic town of Biarritz, in the South of France. Her grandmother wove this concept into the fabric of her daily life and inspired Lili to see fashion as related to art, and fashion as a way to understand how our society evolves.

Ever the go-getter, Lili used this mindset to break down stereotypes and pursued a dual career in both law and fashion. After she completed her law degree, Lili enrolled in an image-consulting diploma at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Her fashion career brought her to New York and Paris Fashion Weeks to see fashion shows and set up private fittings for clients looking to curate styles for charity events and galas. Lili also lent her expertise to photo shoots, created window displays, traveled to major fashion cities to find high-end limited goods on behalf of her clients, and curated travel capsule wardrobes.

Lili believes that fashion is accessible to all and works with people from diverse backgrounds, with different image and style expectations and budgets. Her current clients range from busy, high executive professionals, to new mothers and the young tech crowd.

She will sit down and listen to you, attentively peruse your closets, set a schedule, and shop or work with your current wardrobe with your style goal in mind. This is what you can expect from your stylist experience with Lili Henry.

Lili works with clothing budgets of $2500 and up and provides the EPIC Start Package, the Ultimate Ensemble, the EPIC Overhaul and the Delivery Package.

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Supreet Chahal knew from a young age that she wanted to work with fashion. She got her start and her first on-the-runway inspiration working Toronto Fashion Week, supporting designers and stylists backstage. From there, she went on to work for retailers such as Guess and Tommy Hilfiger honing her eye and gaining an understanding of the retail industry.

Supreet completed her Professional Styling degree at London’s Central Saint Martins School of Art & Design. And in 2012, moved to San Francisco to become a professional image consultant. Her style has been inspired by living and traveling abroad. Her favorite fashion countries include Japan, England, India, Denmark, France, Italy, and Spain. 

Supreet has styled for individual clients, editorial projects, lookbooks, runways, and portfolios for fashion designers, models, and photographers. Because she understands style is very personal, listening to and working in a partnership with her clients is her top priority. She’s a huge believer in the “teach a person to fish” philosophy, so along with shopping, clients gain an understanding of why certain cuts and fits look great on them. Supreet loves seeing people smile, so her work style is easy-going, fun, and efficient.

Supreet works with clothing budgets of $2500 and up and provides the EPIC Start Package, the Ultimate Ensemble, the EPIC Overhaul and the Delivery Package.

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Cassy Validum Stylist

Cassy Validum has a diverse background in fashion, advertising and marketing, but she finds no greater pleasure than helping people look and feel their best. She believes that your style is a visual expression of who you are or who you want to be, and she loves being a part of her clients’ style journey.

Cassy was a model in her teenage years, working in fashion shows for various brands. It was then that she realized her passion was to be the person creating the style – choosing the clothing and accessories – not just modeling them. Educated in Journalism, Media Studies and Psychology, her love of establishing the tone, creating the style and molding a narrative led her from advertising and marketing to personal styling, and she has found her niche.

When she’s not dressing her clients (or herself), Cassy is likely planning — or away on — her next big trip, eating a delicious meal with her friends or devouring her new favorite Netflix series.

Cassy works with clothing budgets of $1500 and up and provides the EPIC Start Package, the Ultimate Ensemble Package and the EPIC Overhaul.

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