Have you committed to greeting the new year with style as fresh as your resolutions?

2017 Wardrobe Refresh

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Don’t wait until spring for a wardrobe renewal. Now, in this mood of rejuvenation and change, is the perfect time to do away with the old to usher in what’s waiting around the corner. Make it the year you only wear clothes that are true to your style – start 2017 with a proper wardrobe refresh.

What is a Wardrobe Refresh?

A wardrobe refresh is just as it sounds – it’s a carefully considered process of extracting what no longer serves you while adding pieces that speak to your style. It sounds like a daunting task, but have no fear – our Image Consultants can guide and support you the entire way. You’ll also have the opportunity to discuss why you want specific items to stay, what has sentimental value, what you haven’t worn in over six months, style expectations and more.

The wonderful thing about working with an Image Consultant is that we note exactly the elements you liked in your old pieces to include them in your updated wardrobe. For instance, maybe we notice your love for navy blue trousers or cashmere vests. You’ll easily say bye to the ones that need to go when you see us return with your new replacements. So, why toss the old styles at all? We only suggest parting with pieces that have been damaged beyond repair, pieces that no longer fit, outdated styles and the looks you never wear (yes, even that “treasure trove” of unworn looks – hangtags and all).

New Year, New Style

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Your wardrobe shouldn’t be a burden. It’s meant to serve you by offering up suitable looks to wear whether that means fashion-forward, weather-appropriate, occasion-appropriate, comfortable… Anytime you reach for an item, you should already know that it suits your body and personal tastes, it’s modern (vintage looks aside) and it’s in good condition.

While you definitely want more of the looks you love, the wardrobe refresh extends even farther. We’ll assess your wardrobe to fill in the missing pieces – white button-down shirts, heels for a night on the town, a sleek and practical briefcase, a healthy selection of ties. Depending on your personal style, this may also include the addition of statement pieces so you can really make an impact with items such as look-at-me accessories, outerwear with bold prints and more.

There’s Much To Be Gained

Tell us what you want and we’ll tell you what you need. Combined, your thoughts and our vision will produce your most exciting wardrobe yet. And it’s completely okay if you don’t know what you want. Knowing what you don’t want is still a huge step in discovering styles that will work for you. Not ready for a new look? Opt for updated versions of your favorite go-to styles for a look that’s still undeniably “you”. You’ll feel as if you haven’t changed a thing and yet your look will appear undoubtedly renewed. It’s definitely an inspiring way to start your new journey!

Out with the Old, in with the New

Source: Elle.com

Don’t settle, let go of the pieces you no longer love. Your wardrobe refresh truly will make a difference. You’ll enjoy increased closet space for all of your new looks and that feeling of lightness that comes with tossing unused objects that can mentally weigh you down. What’s more, your old wardrobe will bring new energy in its new life for someone else in the form of donated goods or material that can be repurposed to create something new.

Embark on your New Year’s mission with a look that you love, renewed energy and a serious boost to your confidence.

A proper start to a year of new beginnings, indeed.


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