The jumpsuit is unquestionably a one-piece wonder. It’s a stylish outfit you can easily slip into when you have no idea what to wear for the day, and still manage to come out looking glamorous and fashionable through the night.

A ’70s and ’80s staple, the jumpsuit was revived in the fall 2010 romper trend. But celebrities and fashion bloggers are wearing jumpsuits well into 2016, thus proving the jumpsuit’s timeless elegance.

It’s easy to admire the jumpsuit. It possesses the same versatility as a black slip dress, and the variety of styles that you can find  today are worthy of a whole wardrobe. But you can do with even just one long jumpsuit in your closet. No need to be intimidated!

We have several tricks and tips to achieve the chic yet effortless look with a jumpsuit, starting off with choosing the right style for your height and body type.

choosing the right cut and length.

Just as there is no one perfect cut for denim jeans, there isn’t one for jumpsuits, either. The variety of jumpsuit styles and cuts dispel the belief that jumpsuits can only be worn by women of a certain size and shape. Just like shoes, black dresses and besties, there’s a jumpsuit to suit everyone.

One rule of thumb is to choose a flattering pant length and cut. Tall women should wear a wider leg or flared pant, since their frame can handle the extra volume.

How to Wear Jumpsuit - Camille

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For petite women, jumpsuits with a skinny or tapered leg tend to be more flattering—otherwise you may look like you were drowning in your clothes. Women with short legs could also try a high-waisted jumpsuit to create the illusion of longer legs.

How to wear jumpsuit - Little Miss

Photo courtesy: Little Mistress

necklines shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Not all necklines are equal. This is critical when you wear a jumpsuit—the little details  can make or break your look. Just like a dress, jumpsuits come in a variety of necklines, too—everything from a boat neckline, to a plunging v-neck. If you want to draw the eyes up the visage, choose deep necklines that show off the collarbone (and sometimes a bit of cleavage, depending on the depth and the style—like a v-neck).

Pointed necklines also help elongate the face. Contoured necklines, like a sweetheart or a halter, soften the angles of a face and define the bust. High necklines like a turtleneck are great for long necks and faces.

how to wear jumpsuit - sammy

Photo courtesy: Sammy Dress

How to Wear Jumpsuit - Cosmo

Photo courtesy: Cosmopolitan

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t experiment with different necklines. As always, the best thing is to try on the jumpsuit and see if the style works for your frame.

cinch your waist to define your figure.

As a one-piece outfit that runs the whole length of your body, it’s easy to see why jumpsuits can be intimidating: it’s easy to disappear into an overwhelming piece of fabric and lose your shape. The easy answer to this is a cinched waist by way of an elasticized detail or a belt. The good news is that most jumpsuits come with one.

How to wear a jumpsuit - Cosmo 2

Photo courtesy: Cosmopolitan

Instead of a belt, she knotted a sweater around her jumpsuit for an urban spin on the outfit.

think in layers.

While a jumpsuit can be great on its own, it does not always fit your sense of style. So to dress up an already very dressy garment (maximalist, anyone?) style a jumpsuit with layers, either over or under. Throwing on a structured blazer or classic worn-leather jacket is always a good starting point, but consider a fur jacket or a printed one for extra glam or funk.

How to Wear a Jumpsuit - Cosmo 3

Photo courtesy: Cosmopolitan

You can add dimension in an unexpected way, too. A fitted off-the-shoulder top underneath shows off the shoulders and makes for a great, sophisticated look. Even a plain tee underneath the jumpsuit can change the outfit.  Add heels for a sexy, polished finish, or sandals for a touch of cool this summer.

How to Wear Jumpsuit - Instyle2

Photo courtesy: In Style

How to Wear Jumpsuit - In Style

Photo courtesy: In Style

March Inspiration

Photo courtesy: Art Symphony

don the right shoes.

Jumpsuits are commonly worn with heels, but it’s a lot more flexible than that. Appropriate footwear depends on the style of your jumpsuit, the occasion you are wearing it for, and the overall look you want to project with your outfit.

You can wear a streamlined jumpsuit with a structured pair of heels for the office, like pointed-toe pumps. A dressier jumpsuit, like a string jumpsuit or a halter jumpsuit in a luxurious satin fabric, can be worn with sexier stilettos.

An ankle-length jumpsuit can also be worn with stilettos for a tasteful twist—or boots, for something more edgy!

How to Wear Jumpsuit - Instyle 3

Photo courtesy: In Style

If you’re a tall girl wearing a flared style, you might want to try flats or sneakers. Petites can wear the same footwear with more casual jumpsuits, too, granted that the jumpsuit cut is the right one for them. It’s the perfect, most effortless way of dressing for a stroll in the city and still look on point.

How to wear a jumpsuit

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