Absolutely amazing
“Supreet is absolutely amazing and I would recommend her to anyone. I purchased the ultimate ensemble package and it was worth every penny. She was able to pick up my exact style and clothing preferences/needs during our initial consultation. I have used multiple personal shoppers in the past in multiple cities and have had mixed experiences. After having tried multiple personal shoppers in the area that I was disappointed with, my experience with Supreet was refreshing and productive. She took photos of some of my favorite outfits and listened to my wardrobe needs and was able to suggest pieces that would help refresh and pull my wardrobe together.

My shopping day with Supreet was nothing short of amazing and I am still amazed at how much she found the perfect style, fits and colors for me. She picked out pieces that I would not have thought would work for me, but they were all amazing! I feel that she went above and beyond before, during and after our shopping trip and emailed me ideas for other items after our shopping day.

I have never said this before about a personal shopper…but I have found my perfect match in Supreet and will be a client of hers as longs as possible. Thank you Supreet and Ensemble!”

                     – Amy L on  May 29th, 2016

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Really easy
“I had a great experience with Supreet! We first started with an initial consultation at my place. Then, a couple weeks later, we spent a couple hours just shopping. Supreet made it all really easy. She knew exactly which brands would fit me and already had a couple outfits picked out at each store for me to try. All I had to do was try them on see which ones worked. Now I have a whole new wardrobe full of great outfits that make me look great.

If you’re a guy like me who hates shopping for clothes, I highly recommend Supreet!.”

-Jeff C on May 20th, 2016

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Surprisingly fun
“To give you a little bit of background – I really dislike the clothes shopping experience and often end up feeling incredibly overwhelmed and claustrophobic.  But after not having purchased new clothes in over five years (having children can do that to you) I was long overdue for a wardrobe overhaul and recent independent forays had left me feeling incredibly frustrated.  My husband surprised me with the Ultimate Ensemble package and based upon my general tastes and lifestyle I was paired with Lili.

Lili is an amazing fashion consultant.  She is warm and sweet but also very professional.  She made the somewhat embarrassing process of going through the tattered rags of my wardrobe painless but was also very honest in making it clear that I needed to establish a whole new clothing foundation.  She listened carefully to my preferences and went to great lengths to make sure that we were communicating well and on the same page regarding the overall look I was going for.  There wasn’t a single moment through the whole process where I felt judged or condescended to or where I felt I couldn’t be honest with her.  I enjoyed all my interactions with Lili and she made what could have easily been an ordeal of a process surprisingly fun.

When the time came to try on the clothes she had selected, I was awed by how carefully everything had been laid out and admittedly overwhelmed by all the items that needed to be tried on.  Some time was wasted because I wasn’t sure what size range of clothing I wore (so lots of stuff had to be exchanged) but Lili was patient and efficient through the whole process.  She quickly eliminated items and was honest (but not tactless) about what worked and why and gave me lots of basic pointers of what to look for when I’m on my own.  One of the things that I appreciated the most about her is that she pushed my comfort zone a little bit by including items or styles that I might not have chosen for myself.  And when I truly didn’t like an item that she thought looked great she would probe my reasons – it gave her a better sense of how my tastes are defined and it really forced me to reconsider several looks.  In the end, I found myself compromising on some fashion notions I had been holding on to and walking away with an amazing wardrobe that doesn’t contain a single item that I’m not happy wearing.

My tips to prepare for the consulting experience:

1. Use this chance to be merciless in clearing out your old clothes prior to the at-home visit.  It simplifies the initial visit and in the end you should have a new wardrobe so really, is there a reason to hang onto that favorite pair of overalls from college that you never wear anymore?

2. Have a good idea of what size you are since this will save both you and your consultant time during the fitting.

3. Be honest with yourself and your consultant at every stage of the process.”

-Kaman K on April 2nd, 2016

Your biggest cheerleaders 
“I got the Ultimate Ensemble package with Lili. There was a Yelp voucher for $295 for $400 worth of services. Score!

Lili first came to my house. We had a great sit down discussion about my current style and fashion behavior (minimal, I hate shopping, I’m cheap with clothes). She then focused in on what my goals are and what part of my wardrobe we should focus on (my presentation in the workplace). Don’t be fooled – you can’t remake your entire wardrobe in four hours! Be specific. We then rifled through my closet which I thought would be a horrifying experience, but Lili was super supportive and curious (non-judgmental).

Then it came time for the clothes! What I love about EPIC is that they prepare everything for you. No need to go through the headache of shopping or navigating a big department store. Everything is hand delivered and picked out to meet your needs. Lili is such an easy-going personality. I truly enjoyed the four hours we spent together trying on different items and outfits on me. It’s crazy how a simple blouse or jacket can change your outlook on style and fashion. I came away with a new framework and understanding of how to build an outfit, what looks good on me/what doesn’t, and knowing that I CAN get quality within my budget.

Along the way, Lili dropped many, many tips on how to sustain a wardrobe that reflects me from how to wash the clothes to which sections in the store I should go to and fashion cheats like rolling up pant legs and stuffing inserts into flats. Simple, but like I said, so life changing and helpful.

I couldn’t recommend EPIC and Lili more. These women are truly here to help you. There was never any pressure to buy. In fact, Lili was never shy about saying “Nope!” on my behalf when I couldn’t make a decision for myself. They’re here for you. They’re your biggest cheerleaders. Trust them and this experience will be worth a million bucks for you!

Little did I know that I would actually want to shop now 🙂 I plan on shopping tomorrow night for more pieces.

-Shelley A. on March 23rd, 2016

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Feeling so chic
“I could not have been happier working with Lili last month to recast my wardrobe. I had twins almost a year ago and my body shape had changed. My go-to brands didn’t feel right anymore and I haven’t had the time or energy to shop.  Within 4 hours (I bought the basic package with an extra hour for accessories) Lili helped me find perfectly fitting basics — black slacks, work skirts, jeans, pumps for work – as well as blouses and sweaters in coordinating colors. I have now have a wardrobe that is fun, easy to mix and match, and sharper than it has ever been. Getting dressed in the morning is now a breeze and I love feeling so chic! I would not hesitate to recommend Lili.  I know I’m going to work with her again!”

-Tricia Y on March 21st, 2016

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Extremely confident
“Super impressed with Supreet, and couldn’t recommend her more highly. If you’re a guy who is looking to have someone buy great looking clothes for you, while giving you some SIMPLE, easy to follow guidelines so you can fish yourself, go with Supreet.

A little background. I recently started a new job in an entirely new industry, so decided to reach out to Ensemble and Supreet, but I’m someone who very rarely, if ever, bothered with his wardrobe (until now, that is). I’m also a short Chinese man, so clothes here have always been too large and/or long. On top of that, I have absolutely no sense of style, so was relying wholly on Supreet to make decisions.

Supreet came to my place, spent a good amount of time getting to know me and tease out what sort of clothes I was looking for, took a look at my wardrobe, and was off! We met up a few weeks later, and it was a whirlwind of stores and clothes. I feel extremely confident wearing my new clothes, and more importantly, I feel confident I could find some clothes myself that would look good down the road.

One last thing — Supreet’s follow through even after the appointment has been great. I had a few follow-up questions, and she’s been great about answering with a ton of information. 10/10 would work with her again.

-Kevin Y on March 15th, 2016

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Compliments all the time
“When my husband surprised me with an appointment for a personal image consultation, at first I was bit taken aback. Hey, I know how to shop and dress myself, right?! But the more I thought about it, the more excited I became. I’d recently left the military and entered business school, so wearing something other than a uniform every day was a big change. I needed help.

Lili came to my apartment, asked me questions about my style, checked out my current wardrobe, and set to work. When I met her in San Francisco, she had a dressing room filled with things for me to try on. Let me tell you, it was so much better than me wandering around the store, grabbing a few things, and putting on my own clothes to find more clothes to try on when nothing fits – my usual dreary shopping experience.

Lili gave me her honest opinion, found things I never would have thought to try on that looked great, and before the afternoon was over we became fast friends. I loved the things we picked out and I get compliments all the time on how well I dress. I filled in the holes in my wardrobe, stayed within my budget, and walked away with bags and bags of great clothes. I’d never thought to shop like this before, but it we saved time, money, and had a bunch of fun. Highly recommend working with Lili!

-Valerie R on February 28th, 2016

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