I’m pretty arty and have always enjoyed clothes, but when I hit menopause and my body shape changed, I had a very hard time finding clothes for my new life phase and ended up looking pretty frumpy no matter what I chose.
Enter Supreet and her fabulous support team!  Supreet took the time to look at my wardrobe, talk to me, and especially to listen to what I was comfortable wearing and what I wasn’t.  This meant that when she did bring her recommended clothes, not only did I learn which cuts were now best for me (and where I’d been going wrong), but I also didn’t get anything that revealed those body parts I’m keen on hiding these days.  The result is an AMAZING business wardrobe that genuinely makes me look 15 years younger.  I am fashionable again!  And she gently nudged me towards some new combinations and styles that I would never have considered on my own, but that look stunning on me.  I love it all!
The whole experience with Ensemble was absolutely worth every penny that I spent on it, and I wholeheartedly recommend the team there to any other woman who has just had a major body change and is wrestling with how to look good again.  Self-confidence is a beautiful thing to regain!

                     – Leslie S 

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Really easy
“I had a great experience with Supreet! We first started with an initial consultation at my place. Then, a couple weeks later, we spent a couple hours just shopping. Supreet made it all really easy. She knew exactly which brands would fit me and already had a couple outfits picked out at each store for me to try. All I had to do was try them on see which ones worked. Now I have a whole new wardrobe full of great outfits that make me look great.

If you’re a guy like me who hates shopping for clothes, I highly recommend Supreet!.”

-Jeff C 

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Extremely confident
“Super impressed with Supreet, and couldn’t recommend her more highly. If you’re a guy who is looking to have someone buy great looking clothes for you, while giving you some SIMPLE, easy to follow guidelines so you can fish yourself, go with Supreet.

A little background. I recently started a new job in an entirely new industry, so decided to reach out to Ensemble and Supreet, but I’m someone who very rarely, if ever, bothered with his wardrobe (until now, that is). I’m also a short Chinese man, so clothes here have always been too large and/or long. On top of that, I have absolutely no sense of style, so was relying wholly on Supreet to make decisions.

Supreet came to my place, spent a good amount of time getting to know me and tease out what sort of clothes I was looking for, took a look at my wardrobe, and was off! We met up a few weeks later, and it was a whirlwind of stores and clothes. I feel extremely confident wearing my new clothes, and more importantly, I feel confident I could find some clothes myself that would look good down the road.

One last thing — Supreet’s follow through even after the appointment has been great. I had a few follow-up questions, and she’s been great about answering with a ton of information. 10/10 would work with her again.

-Kevin Y 

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