Let’s talk about bags. For male or female, they are a necessary item in any wardrobe. They are practical (because not everything can be stuffed into your back pocket) and stylish. And we do mean stylish. While men’s bags are not as varied as the collections rolled out for women every season, there’s a variety of designs for “the man bag” and the market is still growing. Guys, you would be surprised to know just how many options you’ve got.


Let’s start with a classic. Traditionally used to carry things to and from work, this boxy bag holds enough structure and is big enough to hold all your business needs—everything from a laptop, to files and books. There are also extra compartments to organize and keep your other, smaller essentials.

Some modern briefcases also come with a shoulder strap, and designs have expanded to briefcases with rounded edges instead of the regular, boxy ones. Briefcases come in more materials now, too. Different ones suit different situations. Leather would do for a more formal occasion like a business meeting, while briefcases made in fabric suit something more causal, like doing work in a coffee shop.



Folios for men are, in a sense, a minimalist bag. It’s a slim type of pouch that is used for holding smaller essentials—perhaps a mini tablet, a  wallet, a pair of sunglasses, an iPod, etc. Anything bulkier and you lose the sleek appeal of this bag. It is a stylish men’s accessory for toting around only the bare minimum.

Messenger bag

Messenger bags, or courier bags, are designed to be slung across one shoulder and carry lighter loads, like folders or a tablet, although some sturdier messenger bags can carry heavier equipment like a laptop. As it is just a one-shoulder bag, you don’t want to load it down with too much stuff. It wouldn’t be very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, especially if the bag is stuffed with heavy equipment.

Most messenger bags are made from a fabric (like canvas or cotton), or leather. Messenger bags give off a casual vibe, and are best for men on the go.


Duffel bag

The duffel bag is a traveler’s best friend. It’s best for light packers, like men who are off on a quick destination holiday or just going to the gym. You’ll notice that the duffel bag has a wider structure than other boxy bags for men, but is almost always lugged around handbag-style. It definitely lends a polished look to your outfit.

Tote bag

The men’s tote bag can be very similar to the women’s version—perhaps because it is designed to be both a handbag and a shoulder bag in one. Tote bags have two handles, much like a briefcase, but they’re longer and wider so you can sling them over one shoulder. The features that make it a great men’s bag though is that its large compartment can house supplies much like a briefcase. It’s definitely not for your gym kit, but tote bags for men can carry big equipment like cameras, lenses, rolled up casual shirts, and lunch. It can also have smaller compartments and pockets to keep other items organized.


Everybody know the backpack – It’s probably the most popular type of bag on the list. The term backpack actually branches out to many sub-types, like a knapsack, book bags, and hiking backpacks. But the common feature is always a bag that is attached to the body by two straps slung across the shoulders, leaving your hands free. Backpacks are typically heavy-duty, and the styles are limitless—even for men. The designs also constantly evolving to be functional, so that the backpack can cater to different lifestyles.

Sling bag

Like the backpack, the sling bag rests on the back of the wearer, but there’s an adjustable strap worn across the body. It’s light, easy, and fuss-free, which makes it ideal for guys on the go or on a bike, too. It holds less than a messenger bag, but it also has a number of small compartments for organization. Sling bags for men can be made from leather or other fabrics like canvas.


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