I am a firm believer that if you leave the house feeling your best in the morning, you have a more productive day. I am also a firm believer in sleep.  Sadly, these two do not always go hand in hand.

There are little tricks that you can employ in your closet to make getting ready for work quicker and less stressful… which means you can snooze an extra 5 minutes longer.

1. The Hanger Trick
There are certain shirts that you always wear under the same sweater and blouses just look best with certain skirts. Save  time by layering the combo right on the hanger. This works well for men’s ties and shirts too. That way when you pull for the outfit, it’s all right there.

2. The Sock Match
If there are tights you always wear with a specific dress or socks you wear with certain boots, hang them with the dress or tuck the socks into the shoes. That way they will be ready when it’s time to wear them and you won’t have to go rummaging through your drawer looking for a missing sock. 

3. Create a Most Popular Section
Part of what we do is encourage our clients to branch out and not always reach for their tried and true favorites when getting dressed. But some mornings you just need a quick fix. Take you 5-10 favorite tops that you know will always look good with anything and put them in their own section of your closet. When you are in a race against time, grab the one on top. After you’ve worn it, place it on the bottom of the pile to avoid over-use.


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