Long associated with the nobility, velvet still has the power to make you feel like a king or queen. Think classical old-world charm translated for today with subtle separates and dramatic floor-length gowns for reserved and daring style lovers alike. Velvet looks gorgeous worn for day or night and the fabric is featured in looks as diverse as tank tops, blazers, wide-legged pants and evening gowns.

Velvet Allure

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A Dreamy Color Palette

Colored velvet is an excellent way to break up your usual black-on-black routine. You’ll love the solid hues of velvet offering up a sophisticated (and never overly bright) palette of colors including gray-tinged pastel pinks, deep emerald greens, enchanting dark royal blues and the richest of reds. Still, velvet in 2017 comes along with an unusual and stunning set of colors too – everything from mint green to modern grays. Available in luxurious textures, they offer elegance, interest and intrigue. Whether you style your wardrobe on your own or look to image consultants for support, layering velvet is a true art. We love to style with unexpected textures including silks, satins and even classic blue jeans.

Velvet Allure

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Gorgeous Options at Every Turn

Velvet has a lot more range than you may have realized – appliquéd, printed, embossed, embroidered, pleated, crushed… the list goes on and on. They’re as soft and inviting as your favorite sheets. There are even velvet separates with a lot of stretch to them.

Of course not all velvets are treated equal. We refer to the high quality versions; many cheaper velvets are woven with the sorts of materials you should always avoid including acetate and rayon. They’re the reason for the lower price.

There’s just something about this plush and dense fabric that we can’t get enough of. Familiar yet mysterious, dressed up yet as soft as a hug – velvet stands on its own. Looking for a hard to miss contemporary style? Try a velvet midi or maxi dress or skirt. They offer lots of movement and they make a great optical effect when the light hits the fabric’s sheen. In fact, draped velvet dresses are your best bet for night unless you’d like to make an even bigger entrance with a velvet cape or jacket.

Velvet Allure

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Less winning velvet options are being sold right now for the gents, but everyone can enjoy velvet accessories and shoes – mainly boots, booties and pumps for the ladies and loafers and slippers for the guys. It’s a timeless and sharp way to finish a look. Just avoid a dated or costume-y feel by forgetting about wearing velvet from head to toe. It’s all about balance and contrasts – whether that’s velvet next to another fabric or velvet set against your skin. As for styling velvet looks with non-velvet accessories, there are plenty of possibilities. We’re especially fond of shoulder-grazing earrings, mini bags and accents of gold.

Velvet Allure

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The Bigger Picture

Two movements are happening in fashion right now – an embrace of the everyday and the nearly ho-hum and a sort of stand against the overly casual clothes our generations have grown so used to. This velvet fixation should come as no surprise, it’s soft and comfortable yet absolutely filled with style. It’s a shift back to a time when clothes were intended to send a message. It says we’re searching for something a little more grown up but our need for comfort is still here.

And if dressing well is truly a form of good manners as Tom Ford once emphasized, you’ll be sure to embody the finest of social graces with a gorgeous selection of velvet. This is an artful fashion moment marked by a look that withstands time.


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