On an exciting collision of dates, today marks both International Women’s Day and the final day of Fashion Week Paris 2017. As usual, we’re left with plenty of renewed inspiration from designers’ creativity as well as significant new shifts in the industry at large. If there’s been a “standard” for the last few Fashion Months, that standard is change.

Fashion Month - Nina Ricci F/W 2017

Source: Vogue.com

But no matter what newness makes its way onto the catwalks (couture paired with Nike sport leggings at Giambattista Valli or a skyward-lifting rocket at Chanel…), there are certain elements of Parisian style we have come to expect.

And that’s why it endures. Whether we talk about Parisian Style 2017 or Parisian Style in 1957, certain classic traits remain…

Easy Elegance

Have you ever had the pleasure of visiting Paris? It’s just as you imagined – a rare destination filled with effortlessly dressed denizens of all ages. It’s amazing how pulled together one can look with what appears to be no effort at all. It all comes down to a well-edited wardrobe of simple separates that work for most occasions, top quality fabrics and a perfectly balanced, relaxed fit. The result is relaxed sophistication and never sloppy, rigid or tight.

It’s dressed but not too dressed and styled but not too styled and a few well-chosen accessories complete the look.

Parisian Style 2017

Source: ElleUK.com

Neutral Color Palettes

For most people, colors are notoriously difficult to style. Along with image consultation support, it’s a great idea to opt for neutral hues. It’s the Parisian way – a sea of beiges, tans, black, white and navy blue.

Here’s a fun fact – did you know Christian Dior was completely enamored with navy blue? He loved the color so much that it served for the inspiration for this week’s Dior presentation – a collection almost entirely designed in the color… accessories included!

Fashion Week Paris 2017

Source: ElleUK.com

Timeless Appeal

Parisian style is a great option when you’re shopping for basics or if you seek to round out your wardrobe with key looks. It’s also the perfect style theme for investment piece-appropriate styles because they just don’t go out of fashion. Think classy and classic coats, blazers, suits, trousers, silk blouses and crisp button-down shirts.

Look to menswear-inspired looks and impactful outerwear with a great focus on rich fabrics, exceptional tailoring and timeless style. The small selection of accessories includes simple jewelry and good sunglasses, shoes and bags. For the women, shoes are typically flat such as ballet styles or very low heels, including kitten heel styles. Think stylish attention to detail merged with the practicality of getting around.

Classic French Trench Coat

Source: Vogue.fr

Opulent Evening Wear

The looks are much less effortless at night – and with good reason! Most of us dress so casually today that if we didn’t dress up for a good dinner or gala, it’s possible we’d never dress up. Parisian nighttime style calls for doing whatever you desire when it comes to choosing colors, textures and styles, with a focus on elegance, memorable details and bold looks.

Envision the City of Lights as the backdrop  – The Louvre, The Sorbonne, The Eiffel Tower…  these styles truly complement the scenery!

Parisian Style 2017 - Valentino

Source: Vogue.fr

You’ll love a Parisian aesthetic – it can be interpreted in so many different ways. You can take these classic traits and merge them with fun and funky trends or interpret them on your own considering such factors as your own tastes, lifestyle needs and image. Using Parisian style as the base, you can dress it down, dress it up or give it a corporate twist.

Inspired by Paris Fashion Week? Try your hand at Parisian style or give us a call to see your sartorial visions come true.


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